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Letter from Chief Junior Clifford Bastien



Algonquin Negotiations 2013

Algonquin Negotiations 2013

Algonquin Negotiations 2013

The Algonquin Ratification Vote



JULY 2012

Dear Voter.
In my role as the Principal Negotiator for the Algonquins of Ontario ("A00"), I am
pleased to provide you with a further update on the progress of the negotiations. In early
September, meetings will be held to present to you the essential elements of a proposed
Agreement in Principle ("ALP") for your consideration and comment as well as to report
to you on the status of the Voter Enrolment process that has been ongoing over the past
few months in anticipation of the ratification vote on the draft AIP.

Voter Enrolment and Pending Protests

The "initial" Voter Enrolment process resulted in the posting of Preliminary List of
Voters in March 2011 and a supplementary Voters List in April of last year. This
initiative was undertaken in 2011 in the expectation that a draft AIP would be negotiated
in time to be submitted to the Algonquin Voters later that year for their consideration.
Regrettably. due to a number of factors. including a series of elections involving all the
Parties to the negotiations, including Canada. Ontario, ANR and Pikwakanagan Chief and
Council. those expectations were not realized.

Over the past several months, however, progress has been made in our negotiations with
Canada and Ontario to the point that all three Parties determined that the Voter Enrolment
process should be reinstated in the expectation of a vote on a draft AIP in 2013. That
further enrolment initiative has resulted in the posting of a more comprehensive 2012
Preliminary List of Voters (Updated) numbering 8773.

Following the posting of the 2012 Preliminary Voters List (Updated), there have been
some protests filed challenging Voters that have been enrolled as well as by applicants
who were denied enrolment. Those protests, along with four other protests filed in the
initial 2011 phase of enrolment that were adjourned by the Parties, are now being
processed by the Review Committee, or where appropriate, by former Superior Court
Justice James Chadwick. all in accordance with the ratification process procedure
contained in Chapter 15 of the draft AIP, at

At the request of the Review Committee. Ontario. Canada and the A00 have jointly
extended the time for the protests to be resolved by mid-October.

Following the processing of the protests the 2012 Final List of Voters (Updated) eligible
to vote on the draft AIP will be posted. We anticipate that will be done in or about
November of this year.

Progress Towards Finalizing a Draft Agreement in Principle

I am pleased to report that substantial progress has been made towards arriving at a draft
AIP for consideration by the Voters. The negotiating teams for Canada and Ontario have
been working diligently with the ANRs over the past number of months to negotiate the
terms of that document. We are at a point in those negotiations that we can provide a
general overview of the proposed draft A IP with some specifics of the draft A IP language
where that is ready. This will he done by means of a series of meetings where I.
accompanied by the Technical Advisory Group and ANRs. will be available to present
the proposed package. highlight some of the draft terms of the proposed draft AlP and
respond to questions by enrolled Voters.

These very important initial meetings will be held throughout the Algonquin Territory on
the following dates, locations and times:

Tuesday. September 4, 2012
Odawa Friendship Centre
12 Stirling Avenue
Ottawa, ON

7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, September 5. 2012
Makwa Community Centre
83A Kagagimin Inamo
Pikwakanagan, ON
7:00 p.m.
Thursday. September 6, 2012
Royal Canadian Legion
Br No 72
202 Pembroke E
Pembroke, ON
7:00 p.m.
Friday. September 7. 2012
St. James Major Catholic
School Hall
14608 Road 38
Sharbot Lake, ON
7:00 p.m.
Monday, September 10, 2012
St. Ignatius Parish Hall
51 Highway 127
Maynooth, ON
7:00 p.m.
Wednesday. September 12, 2012
Mike Rodden Arena
450 Hurdman Street
Mattawa, ON
Session 1: 4:00 p.m.
Session 2: 7:00 p.m.

These meetings will be open to all enrolled Algonquin Voters.

Further work on the draft A1P will be completed following these meetings and following
similar meetings that the Governments are having with their stakeholders and

Additional meetings will be held over the following months with a view to finalizing the
draft A1P that we expect will be released to the public later this year or early next.

Following that, another series of meetings will he held in various venues to discuss and
explain the terms of the draft A I P to enrolled Voters in the context of a formal ratification
vote by Voters which is expected to take place in 2013.

The results of that ratification vote will determine whether negotiations continue towards
the development of a formal Treaty between the Algonquins of Ontario and the
Governments of Ontario and Canada.

We very much look forward to meeting with you as we move closer to reconciling past
grievances and clarifying Algonquin rights through a Treaty, and in doing so. rebuilding
the Algonquin Nation in Ontario.

Thank you again for permitting me the honour of working with you and your ANRs
towards achieving this goal and for your ongoing interest and support for this historic

I look forward to meeting with you in September.

Yours very truly.

Robert J. Potts

Robert J. Potts
Principal Negotiator and Senior Legal Counsel
Algonquin Treaty Negotiations
Telephone: 1-877-593-7221 x3952

Land Claim Update 





Dear Voter/Elector,

In my role as the Principal Negotiator for the Algonquins of Ontario (“AOO”), I am pleased to provide you with a further report on the status of the ongoing negotiations with the Governments of Canada and Ontario hopefully leading to an Agreement-in-Principle (“AIP”) and a Treaty.  I am also writing to provide you with an update on the 2011 Algonquin Negotiation Representatives (ANRs) Elections, the AIP Voter enrolment process, as well as a number of exciting “Algonquin Nation” initiatives that are underway. 

AIP / Treaty Negotiations

The monthly ANR and Main Table negotiation meetings have continued since I last reported to you.  During that time Chapters for the AIP have been drafted by the parties and a tentative agreement reached to include a number of elements, such as:

·         Eligibility Enrolment for Voters and Beneficiaries (subject to further work on Community Acceptance, Custom Adoption and Community Affiliation)

·         Claims Institutions (these are the trusts that will hold the settlement lands and monies)

·         Lands

·         Harvesting

·         Parks and Protected Areas

·         Burial Sites (including archaeological issues)

·         Forestry and

·         Dispute Resolution

A number of elections in 2011, including the federal, provincial, Pikwàkanagàn Chief and Council, and the ANR Elections, as well as the Voter Enrolment process, all to some extent delayed the progress of the AIP negotiations.  Notwithstanding these interruptions, we have made considerable headway.  In my view, we are at that make or break point where the critical terms of the AIP will either be agreed upon within the next few months, or not.  I am optimistic that the terms of the Agreement-in-Principle can be achieved and that they will be submitted to you for your approval in the coming year.

Community Meetings

As the negotiations on the elements of the AIP reach their critical stage we have chosen to hold the monthly ANR and Main Table meetings at the Pembroke Consultation Office which has more sophisticated technical facilities to accommodate these meetings.  As soon as the AIP takes shape we will resume having the monthly meetings (hopefully early in the new year) in the various Communities so that a Community meeting can be held during the week of negotiations with all negotiating teams present to field questions and brief you on our progress.  Meanwhile, please contact your local ANR for any updates you may require .

Progress on Land Selection

Jim Hunton, the Land Selection Lead and Technical Advisor for the Algonquins of Ontario, in conjunction with the ANRs have had ongoing discussions with Ontario and Canada to complete a number of “tentative” land selections within the Algonquin Territory as part of the negotiation process.  I encourage you to consult with your ANR to learn more and to provide additional input into this extremely important aspect of the negotiations.

2011 ANR Elections

The Election of the Pikwàkanagàn Chief and Council and the ANR Elections, both of which are held every three years, were completed in 2011.  Two new ANRs, Ron Bernard and Dan Kohoko, were elected as Councillors from Pikwàkanagàn, and joined the negotiation team. ANR elections were also held in the communities of Ottawa and Whitney and Area and the incumbent ANRs were re-elected.  All of the other candidates were re-elected by acclamation in the remaining seven communities.  Your 16 Algonquin Negotiation Representatives and the community that they are affiliated with are as follows:

Clifford Bastien JR

Mattawa/North Bay

Patrick Glassford

Greater Golden Lake


Cliff Meness



Ron Bernard


Davie Joanisse



Jim Meness


Katherine Cannon


Sherry Kohoko



Kirby Whiteduck



Lynn Clouthier


Dan Kohoko



Richard Zohr



Bob Craftchick

Whitney and Area


H. Jerrow Lavalley



Doreen Davis

Shabot Obaadjiwan


Randy Malcolm




We acknowledge, with grateful appreciation the contributions of Vicky Two-Axe and Richard Sarazin, both of whom served as Pikwàkanagàn Councillors and ANRs, but did not seek re-election this time around.

Further Enrolment of Voters

The “initial” Voter Enrolment process which commenced in December 2010 to identify persons who would be eligible to vote on the AIP (and also to serve as ongoing “Electors” for the election of ANRs) was completed in February of this year.  

The Ratification Committee reviewed thousands of applications and applied the criteria established by the AOO, Canada and Ontario as to who is eligible to be an Algonquin Voter for the AIP.  Applicants were notified as to whether they met the criteria or not.  Individuals deemed eligible as Algonquin Voters appeared on the Preliminary Voters List posted in late March 2011. A Supplementary Voters List was also posted in late April.

The ANRs continue to receive completed AIP Voter Application Forms.  These applications are being forwarded to Joan Holmes, AOO Enrolment Officer, who is charged with the responsibility of certifying each applicant’s direct connection to an Algonquin Ancestor and the life events portion of t he application.  A second review and approval process by the Ratification Committee on any further applications will be resumed once it is likely that an AIP will be available for Voter approval.  Meanwhile, please encourage your family members and other Algonquins who have not yet enrolled to complete an AIP Voter Application Form, and submit it to their ANR for processing. If you need an AIP Voter Application Form, contact your ANR.

Research on Asserted Métis Rights-Bearing Community in Mattawa Region

The Métis Nation of Ontario (“MNO”) has asserted that a “rights-bearing” Métis community exists in the Mattawa area.  The AOO has already commissioned Joan Holmes & Associates to investigate certain threshold historical issues and it is our conclusion that no such distinctive Métis community existed at the legally significant date, applying the 2003 Supreme Court of Canada decision in R. v. Powley.

We have recently learned that after a lengthy delay, the MNO, Ontario and Canada have agreed to jointly commission research into the existence of the asserted Métis community.  The respected research firm Public History Inc. has been selected to conduct the historical research, with an anticipated completion date for their report by March 31, 2012.  Ms. Holmes’ research paper together with the other research papers commissioned by Ontario which reached much the same conclusion as Ms. Holmes have been provided to this researcher.  We will continue to carefully monitor this process and keep you posted on further developments.

A False Newsletter

Regrettably someone has circulated a newsletter making false representations and promises in my name proposing a $350.00 fee for enrolment to this process.  This is a desperate attempt by a very unprincipled individual to destabilize the negotiations - a weak effort that has failed miserably.  If you receive such a letter please pass it along with the envelope to your ANR to provide to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

Algonquins of Ontario Initiatives

While negotiations were moving forward, and with the assistance of legal counsel Alan Pratt, Jim Hunton and Janet Stavinga, Executive Director of the AOO Consultation Office, a number of very exciting initiatives have taken shape.  A few of these are described below:

·         A protocol with the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry was entered into by the AOO which is the first of its kind in the province and sets out guidelines for mineral exploration within the Algonquin Territory.

·         Steps towards finalizing an archeology protocol with the City of Ottawa continue.

·         An AOO position paper on the protection of the American Eel is underway.

·         Efforts to build and strengthen relationships with Parks Canada and the National Capital Commission move forward as well as the exploration of various federal real estate initiatives.

·         Work continues on a Memorandum of Understanding regarding Algonquin access and use of Small Craft Harbour facilities throughout the Algonquin Traditional Territory.

·         The CFB Rockcliffe Participation Agreement has been executed and is in the process of being implemented.

·         Algonquin input into the Lansdowne Park Redevelopment in Ottawa is continuing.

·         An innovative partnership with the City of Ottawa to celebrate Algonquin art, culture and heritage through the Ottawa Light Rail Transit project gains momentum as LeBreton Flats has been identified as an “Algonquin centred” transit station. The location of this station is of particular significance to the Algonquins as it is within close proximity to Chaudière Falls and Victoria Island, both of which are sacred gathering places for the Algonquins since time immemorial.

·         Turtle Island Consulting Services Inc. has been retained to assist in the development of an inaugural AOO Forest Stewardship Strategic Plan. This effort will also help inform the development of the Forestry Chapter to be included in the AIP.

·         The 2011Nation Gathering held at Sharbot Lake Beach on July 16 and hosted by Chief Doreen Davis and the Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation was a resounding success! The 2012 Nation Gathering will be hosted by Bonnechere and Greater Golden Lake First Nations on July 14, 2012 in Pembroke. If you are interested in helping out, please contact ANRs Richard Zohr or Patrick Glassford.

·         The AOO Nation Flag and Logo Contest has begun.  Submissions must be original and representative of the Algonquin people. You could win $500 cash for each of your original flag and logo entries. The deadline for entries is December 31, 2011.  For more information, contact the AOO Consultation Office at 613-735-3759 or


Changes to the Web Address

The address for the website on the Algonquin Treaty Negotiations is now

Thank you again for your ongoing interest and support for this historic process.

Yours very truly,

Robert J. Potts
Principal Negotiator and Senior Legal Counsel
Algonquin Treaty Negotiations

Telephone: 1-877-593-7221 x3952